Commercial Registrations

ISRU / Mining Exploration and Extraction, Lunar Resources, CisLunar Services

Lunar Resources Registry commercial development focusses on identifying locations that can be registered for the following purposes:

‣ Resources: From exploration to extraction, including ISRU from regolith and high-value locations (e.g. an inferred prevalence of platinum group metals)
‣ Infrastructure: From resources processing and refining to ascent and descent locations, and the sub-assets that makes the operation possible.
‣ Strategic: Vital locations that have an advantage for communication, e.g. Earth-Moon, or line-of-sight on the Lunar surface.
‣ Duel-Use: Where Resources zones can be used to facilitate the processing of regolith, coupled with Energy (e.g. solar power / a sunlit area) to create a dual-use location. Example: Processing silicate and titanium to Manufacture solar panels to create a self-sustaining energy generation Infrastructure Asset.

Expression of Interest for Lunar Resources

Create Your Portfolio of Lunar Resources Registrations

Lunar Resources Register UG offers a service to selected clients to register their intent to explore and extract a portfolio of resources and infrastructure locations on the Lunar surface.
Registration conditions are straightforward and are compliant with Space Laws, e.g. UNOOSA. Commercial activity is planned for June 2021.
A Beta Lunar Resources Registry is currently under development.
LRR maintains its own Lunar Resources Map.
This provides actionable data, insight and records about the available resources on the moon.
The data provided by LRR in terms of the size, grade, volume, and location of any given resource give a better understanding to support investment decisions in exploration and possible extraction missions of lunar resources.
The registration of Infrastructure Operations includes supporting lunar surface operations that extend to Cislunar.

Moon Mining PLanning

We create Custom Lunar Mapping Solutions

Lunar Resources Registry map development focusses on:
‣ Resources: Locations, analytics, grading.
‣ Infrastructure: Strategic points, and the supply chain required.
‣ Terrain analysis

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