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The Luna Resources Public Registry is built and maintained by the Lunar Resources Registry (LRR).

This Public Registry is a transparent registry of Human activity on the Moon (past, present and in the near future), and commercial and non-commercial zones for resources exploration and extraction, including the registration of locations and zones for space agencies, science, commercial, infrastructure, cultural and strategic purposes, on the Lunar surface.

The function of the Lunar Resources Registry is to be an authoritative registry, and offer a Public Registry as a transparent platform to manage on-going activities on the Moon by allowing international Clients to register their past and planned activities.

This Public Registry is also a registry of space agency and inter-governmental objectives, including science and non-profit claims, plus commercial and non-commercial zones for resources exploration and extraction.

Overview – see Registrations menu
The Lunar Resources Public Registry is a Registry of public and commercial Lunar activity including:

Actual Landers: Including the U.S., USSR / Russia, and now China.

Impact Zones. The Moon is home to many impact sites, from early missions to disused hardware and recent failures.

Heritage Zones: The Apollo crewed landing sites.

Planned Landers: We map the race to the Moon! Explore the latest missions to the Lunar surface.

Available Registrations of Resources and Infrastructure Locations: The Lunar surface is rich in natural resources, and some locations have a significant infrastructure potential, e.g. for launch pads / ports and communication.
We create and customise registrations for commercial entities so that they can formally take part in commercialising the Moon, within existing and new legal frameworks. This is split into two sections:

Resources (Mining, Energy): Space Resources focussed companies and investors who wish to register a right to explore and extract. This includes mining companies who wish to hedge, or lock-in a long-term Lunar resources rights to explore and extract.

Infrastructure: Existing space, upcoming NewSpace and CisLunar, and terrestrial infrastructure and energy companies who wish to register a location as a potential infrastructure supporting operation.

The are various types of Registrations- see By Type menu.
Registrations are developed to cater for:

Space Agencies seeking to register future landing zones and/or the location of terrestrial properties and objects on the lunar surface. Note: Space Agencies are seen as non-commercial, and therefore are not required to pay a fee for registration.

Development Zones: Areas created to focus on establishing Resources and Infrastrucutre Registrations.

Energy, ISRU: Resources focussed Registrations.

Logistics CisLunar: Registrations that inlcude logisitical, robotic and human presence on the Moon.

Cultural: For registrations to do with Heritage, religious, or scenic beauty.

We work closely with specific partners to determine the authenticity of our Registrations.
LRR and selected Partners work together to create Partnership Registrations; A LRR Registration, including Lunar analytical information specific to the Registration, including but not limited to terrain, resources in comparison to other data sets, and options for future enhanced information, such as higher resolution imagery when available.

Why a Registry for the Moon?
As the Space Race evolves into Space Industrialisation, the search for off-world resources goes straight to the Moon. But how will Lunar Zoning function, when multiple nations, and soon companies, are conducting expensive and revolutionary missions? The Lunar Resources Registry is the answer.

Why Make a Commercial Registration?
A Registration secures and establishes a commercial right to explore and extract resources or build an infrastructure asset, this creates the initial framework on which to build a Lunar resources operations.
A Registration is also transferable and therefore tradeable, meaning the change in value, and price action (buy, sell, etc.) creates a vibrant form of price discovery that underpins investment decisions.

Can Anyone or Company Buy a Registration?
No. All potential Registrants must have a corporate structure in place, be subject to KYC and AML screening, and must be able to provide a plan of how they plan to make fair use of their Registrations.