Public Registrations

For Space agencies, Policy makers, Non-Government Organisations

Space agencies registrations in progress

From October 2020, Lunar Resources Registry began registering actual locations of nations and their respective space agencies locations of landers, rovers and impact sites.
Below are five examples:

Lunar Resources Registration Space Agency Moon

Registering New Space Agencey Landing Sites

The Chang'e 5 Mission is now the fifth lunar exploration mission of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, and China's first lunar sample-return mission. This was the first lunar sample-return mission conducted in over four decades since the USSR Luna 24 mission in 1976. China is now the third country to return samples from the Moon. It launched on 23rd November 2020, landed on the Moon on 1st December 2020, collected 1,731 kilograms of lunar samples, including from a core of about 1 meter depth, and then returned to Earth, arriving on 16th December 2020.

For Policy makers and Non-Government Organisations

As part of the Lunar Resources Registry development, it will be reaching out to policy makers, non-government organisations, and thought leaders to determine:

  • How the LRR can support their objectives.
  • Policies and frameworks for sustainable use of Lunar resources.
  • Processes for Lunar governances, and how they can enhance the LRR.
  • Locations that should be registered for Heritage, Cultural and Religious reasons e.g. Copernicus Crater.