Lunar Resources Registry - Overview of Services Agreement

Why Use the LRR?
The LRR main function is to act as a platform to manage ongoing activities on the Moon by allowing Clients to register their activities; the LRR is only as good as the number of, and validity or registrants. Therefore, LRR imposes strict guidelines on who can register.
The LRR is a European based commercial and transparent platform enabling the evaluation, verification and registration of resources and infrastructure locations, using public and proprietary data sourced internationally. It is internationally-focussed and transparent; all registrations are listed on the LRR Public Registry. The LRR is also a registry of space agency and inter-governmental objectives, including science and non-profit claims.

Who can use the LRR?
A. Space Agencies.
B. Scientific Institutions.
C. Commercial entities that have a corporate structure in place, can be screened as per European Anti-Money Laundering Directives, where persons in control of such entities can be screened as per standard Know Your Customer Directives.
D. Non-Governmental Organisations that have a focus on Space.

LRR is a Service
LRR is a service for Clients, LRR agrees to provide as part of this service certain activities that support, protect and reinforce a Lunar Resources Registration.

Principles of the Lunar Resources Registry
The following principles provide the necessary oversight and governance that is integral to the LRR business model and values:

Registration Values
LRR Registrations are to be made:
‣ Based on evaluating a Registrant's mission and business plan.
‣ Within the framework of existing space law and policy.
‣ Using a balance of fair-pricing and price-discovery; Registrations are not a privilege, nor are they a right.
‣ A fee-based Registration is based on a transaction, the price of the transaction being a measure of the Registrant's integrity.
‣ A non-fee based Registration is based on the goodwill of the Registrant.
‣ A Registration (a service of LRR) is an asset of the Registrant, but not a right to a resource.

Registration Limits and Exclusions
LRR Registrations shall not be made:
‣ That violate existing and planned space treaties.
‣ That infringe on previous, existing, or high-profile yet to be implemented registrations.
‣ That constitute monopolistic commercial and non-commercial behaviour.
‣ That are theoretical in nature, and used as a promotion for unrealistic business models and ventures.
‣ To individuals or corporations that have no way of validating their respective Registration by conducting appropriate missions or undertaking business planning.

Rescinding Registrations
LRR has the right to rescind, revoke and cancel a Registration on the following grounds:
‣ The Registrant publicly states or promotes a purpose that deviates significantly from their intended purpose.
‣ A Registry is transferred (e.g. sold, bequeathed) to an organisation that can not prove itself as a legal entity, and or, capable of undertaking the original intentions of the Registration.