Welcome to the Lunar Resources Registry Map of Lunar Activity

The Lunar Resources Registry is a transparent registry of Public (non-commercial) and Commercial (private) activity on the surface of the Moon.
The LRR Activity Map focusses only on Actual and Planned Presence (including Landers, Rovers, impact sites etc) and Heritage Zones.

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The Activity Map displays these types of activities:

Note: You may prefer the Full Screen Lunar Activity Map.

Actual Landers
This includes existing areas for Landers and even Rovers. These Registrations are Free, and safety zones of 4km radius / 8km diameter are marked to ensure these areas are not to be interfered with. Some Actual Presence Registrations include Heritage zones, like the manned Apollo Missions.

Impact Zones
These are impact areas for both intentional planned crashes and mission failures. These are potential hazard locations, including scatted debris from impacts of hardware.

Heritage Areas
Currently include manned Apollo Mission locations, safety zones of 5km radius / 10km diameter are marked to ensure these areas are not to be interfered with.

Planned Landers
This includes the planned locations for Landers (including space transport and logistics companies) to deliver payloads. This list is updated frequently as Mission concepts change and launch manifests are updated. This list may not be reliable, as Landers may overshoot planned locations, and many lander locations are merely assumed in a planned target area.