Lunar Resources Registry in context of the New Lunar Economy.

About the Lunar Resources Public Registry

Lunar Resources Public Registry (LRR) is a transparent registry of Human activity on the Moon (past, present and in the near future), and commercial and non-commercial zones for resources exploration and extraction, including the registration of locations and zones for space agencies, science, commercial, infrastructure, cultural and strategic purposes, on the Lunar surface.

The function of the Lunar Resources Registry is to be an authoritative registry, and offer a Public Registry as a transparent platform to manage ongoing activities on the Moon by allowing international Clients to register their past and planned activities.

This Registry is also a registry of space agency and inter-governmental objectives, including science and non-profit claims, plus commercial and non-commercial zones for resources exploration and extraction.

Free Registrations: We automatically Register Space Agency, Research and Logistics Landers, Rovers and Planned Missions.

This is a free service to highlight existing locations, planned locations, and commercial activity.

Commercial Registrations: We offer Lunar Registrations as a Service.

A Registration is not a right to ownership of the Lunar surface, it is a service agreement with LRR that the client has exclusive use of the exact area to conduct exploration and extraction.

How we Create New Registrations

Extensive analytical processing highlights precise locations, which can be purchased as Registrations on our platforms.

LRR can also assist in identifying appropriate Lunar resources technologies (e.g. In-situ resources utilization) and infrastructure providers.

Prospective Clients must have a corporate office and their business models (in the long-term) compatible with making fair-use of purchased Registrations.

If you would like to Create a New Registration, please contact us.

Why Make a Commercial Registration?

As the CisLunar ecosystem grows, there will be a demand for iron to build both Lunar and in-space infrastructure.

A Lunar Registration as a Service establishes a commercial precedent to explore and extract resources or build an infrastructure asset, this creates the initial framework on which to build a Lunar resources operations.

A Registration is also transferable and therefore tradeable, meaning the change in value, and price action (buy, sell, etc.) creates a vibrant form of price discovery that underpins investment decisions.

Can Anyone or Company Make a Commercial Registration?

No. All potential Registrants must have a corporate structure in place, be subject to KYC and AML screening, and must be able to provide a plan of how they plan to make fair use of their Registrations.