Welcome to Lunar Resources Registry (LRR). This website is an extensive deep-dive into the business of mining the Moon. Take your time to go through our core themes listed below or via the menus.

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Key Points

  • We are an Early Stage Lunar Mining Exploration Company. Read about our progress and operations.
  • We have built a Registry for the Exploration and Extraction of Resources from the Moon.
  • We focus on finding resources sites that have >$1 Billion value; that value may be on the surface of the Moon for In-situ Resources Utilization (ISRU), in the CisLunar economy, or back on Earth.
  • We have extensive expertise in this field, having built proprietary maps for education and governance, a Lunar resources databases, and a Space Resources Legal Framework.
  • We have an understanding of the technological supply-chain (half of which is yet to be fully developed and deployed) required to explore and extract resources on the Moon.
  • Our future plans include developing low-cost missions to high value resources locations.
  • We monitor international missions to the Moon plus develop (in partnerships) our own Mission to the Moon for exploration.

Lunar Mining: Resources Exploration and Extraction

LRR identifies valuable resources on the Moon using data and research to pinpoint promising locations rich in rare earth elements and platinum group metals.

The end-markets are on the Moon (e.g. building lunar infrastructure, ISRU), in Space (e.g. CisLunar), and on Earth (e.g. critical minerals).

LRR plans to co-operate low-cost missions within a decade (e.g. 2030s) to gather samples and confirm resources value.

The business model relies on the decreasing cost of space technology and the increasing scarcity of resources on Earth, making lunar mining commercially viable in the coming years.

For Investors: Yes You Can Invest in Mining on the Moon

Don’t just look up at the Moon, invest in your future!

Our offer: Invest now and receive royalties in the 2030s.

LRR welcomes investors who understand the risks, the long-term objectives, and legalities of Mining the Moon.

To find our more, go to Invest in Lunar Resources Registry.

Lunar Resources Public Registry UG was funded by Space Ventures Investors Ltd and both founders, and is an Alumnus of European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Hessen 2023, managed by CESAH.

Would You Invest in a Lunar Mining Operation? Take our 2 Minute Survey.

Lunar Mapping: Educational and Commercial Online Maps of Activity on the Moon

LRR has developed an Open Lunar Registry and Commercial Resources Registrations.

Explore the Moon using our online interactive maps:

Free to Access. Most up to date!

Open Lunar Registry for Education: Designed as a highly visual and educational tool for students and universities to explore activity on the Moon. Includes 74 locations.

Includes all recent Missions to the surface of the Moon.

Free to Access.

Open Lunar Registry for Governance: A Lunar Governance platform that monitors all known human activity on the Moon, includes Actual Missions, Planned Landing Zones, Lunar Pits and more. Also includes respective safety-zones.

Requires User Registration. Contact Us.

Commercial Registrations and Planning: Shows potential Lunar Mines, Development Zones, Infrastructure bases, plus existing missions, planned missions, and heritage zones.

Bonus Map! Space Ports (beta). Before going to the Moon, you have to start somewhere! We have launched an online spherical map of Spaceports. We will add more launch pads and new spaceports as we gather more informaiton. Visit Mapping Global Spaceports.

Now Available! The Lunar Resources Registry Educational Map

An educational and collectible map of the Moon displaying the locations of all known human activity and objects, spanning 64 years and 74 unique locations, including the latest missions in 2023: iSpace’s Hakuto-R from Japan, Luna 25 from Russia, and Chandrayaan-3 from India.

Details: €100, printed, numbered and signed, A1 size, thick paper, matt finish, delivered in a cylindrical tube.

Latest Inteview with Resources Talks

In September 2024, CEO Simon Drake gave an in-depth interview with Antonio Atanasov from Resources Talks about all things space resources and mining the Moon.

Strategic Partnerships


Technical Expertise

Sales of Printed Maps, UK

Our Space Resources Network

LRR has partnered with various international companies, geologists, academics and entrepreneurs to build a Space Resources Network.

LRR attends space events, such as:

Market Intelligence: Current Missions to the Moon

LRR monitors all commercial activity and especially missions to the Moon that have a focus on exploring, extracting and the utilisations of resources.

LRR also has a registry of previous missions to the Moon.

We are Creating the Process for Exploring and Extracting Resources from the Moon

In the last ten years various predictions have been made that Space will spawn the first Trillionaire. See quotes from Neil deGrasse Tyson (NBC), Ted Cruz (Politico) and Peter Diamandis (Daily Mail). Nations and Space Agencies that understand the commercial benefits have been making progress, including creating Space Mining Laws (see U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act), sample-return missions, and increased research.

For decades the value of space resources, from mining the Moon to asteroid mining, has been researched and estimated based on the value of resources delivered and sold in two markets; on Earth and in Space. NASA has emerged as an early buyer of resources from the Moon (Reuters).

At Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) we are building the business of Space Resources: Where exactly on the Moon are the resources of value, how does an entity secure the commercial rights to extracted resources, in order to build a business case and attract investors to conduct the required exploration and extraction operations. From this we have a built a commercially viable product: A Lunar Resources Registration. See Our Service.

Note: A Registration is NOT A CLAIM OR RIGHT TO OWNERSHIP of any part of the Moon.

LRR provides the building blocks for Commercial Resources Operations on the Lunar Surface within a 10 year timeframe. LRR has built a clear and transparent resources registration service and space legal framework that serves as a cornerstone for commercial exploration and extraction operations.

Selected clients can use our service to build realistic Space Resources businesses, missions, and operations.

Lunar Resources Registry is a Registry for the Moon

As the Space Race evolves into Space Industrialisation, the search for off-world resources goes straight to the Moon.

But how will Lunar Mining function, when multiple nations, and soon companies, are conducting expensive and revolutionary missions? The Lunar Resources Registry is the answer.

Explore our Registry by Type of Activity.

Potential Resources Locations for Exploration and Extraction Missions.

Locations of interest…
Resources Registrations for Sale.
Reserved Resources Registrations…

Open Lunar Registry: All Human Activity on the Moon.

Lunar Lander, Rovers, and equipment…
Spacecraft Impact sites…
Planned Missions to the Moon…

We also provide registrations for Science (including exploration) and Heritage Zones…

Locations for Telescopes, Lunar Pits, and much more…
Early Missions of the Space Race and Apollo Crewed Landings…

Lunar Resources Registry Overview video (4 minutes 30 seconds)

Answers to Many of Your Questions

Can anyone register on the Moon? Answer: No. Read our Registry Guide.

Why Extract Resources from the Moon? Answer:

There’s three simple reasons to explore the Lunar surface for resources:
1. Water trapped in regolith can be used to produce propulsion, and support life, for CisLunar infrastructure and Deep Space Missions.

2. For millennia, we have mined the Earth, now we are developing the technology to mine the Moon: It can provide us with Rare Earth Elements, and Platinum Group Metals, without environmental consequences.

3. There is a growing interest from individuals and companies that want to invest in Moon Mining. We are developing the first steps of this process.

What is the Legal perspective on Mining the Moon? Answer:

As per the Outer Space Treaty 1967 there can be no claim of ownership to territory, and the recent Artemis Accords are making progressive momentum to utilise resources in space. We have developed a Space Resources Legal Framework so that we know what is permissible, possible, and the direction of policy and legal issues.

Our Mission: Order from Chaos, with Collaboration!

  • Legal Questions: We have developed a Space Resources Legal Framework. We know what is permissible, possible, and the direction of policy and legal issues.

Explore Selected Registrations: