Lunar Registrations as a Service

We are a Lunar Resources Registry.

We offer a Free Lunar Public Registry and Commercial Maps, that are Ideal for Space Agencies, Science and CisLunar Mission Planners, Policy makers, Non-Government Organisations and Commercial entities.

We focus on the following kind of activity and Registrations:
‣ Actual (USA, USSR / Russia, China) landers and rovers.
‣ Heritage areas, in recognition of the US Congress "S.1694 - One Small Step to Protect Human Heritage in Space Act". See link.
‣ Impact-sites from early exploration and recent failed missions
‣ Planned Missions (NASA, ESA, commercial CisLunar landers and rovers)
‣ Commercial Strategic, Resources and Infrastructure Development Areas and Registrations

Apollo 11 and Surveyor 5 Registrations

Lunar Registry Activity Maps: Who has been to the Moon; from landers to impact sites and some planned missions

Spherical Lunar Registry / Moon Registrations
Activity Map Spherical

Free to Access. Online: Scroll, Zoom In and Out.
Locations: Actual, Impact, Heriage, some Planned Missions

Flar Lunar Registry
Activity Map Flat

Free to Access. Online: Scroll, Zoom In and Out.
Locations: Actual, Impact, Heriage, some Planned Missions

Lunar Moon Registry
Activity Map PDF and Images

Free to Download
Locations: Actual, Impact, Heriage, some Planned Missions

Lunar Resources PUBLIC Registry and Commercial Maps; including Resources Zones

Lunar Registry
Lunar Resources PUBLIC Registry

Free: Users must Register / login.
Database of Missions, locations, registrations.

Lunar Registry Moon Map
Public Map

Free: Users must Register / login.
Access via the Lunar Resources PUBLIC Registry.
Spherical Lunar Public Map includes Science and Development Zones.

Lunar Resourdces Registry Moon Mining Map
Coming Soon! Commercial Map

Subscribers Only. 3D / Spherical
Commercial Map includes all categories plus analytical information.

Going to the Moon? Register with Us.

Mission Planners - publish your Lunar Locations

If you are a Space Agency or a CisLunar Logisitics Mission Planner, register your planned Lunar location with us and avoid potentially hazardous conflicts.

Planning on establishing an Operation on the Moon? Register with Us.

If you are a Space Company, or an existing Mining, Energy or Infrastructure company, we can help you find the right Lunar location.

Does your company want to partake in unlocking the resources potential of the Moon? Get in Contact.

If you are a Space Resources Entrepreneur, Engineer, or a Commodities Trader, use our Lunar Registrations as a Service to establish a commercial pathway to explore and extract resources from the surface of the Moon.

We have developed our own Space Resources Legal Framework

Space Laws and Policies can co-exist with emerging sovereign Space Mining Laws. We have developed a framework to create registrations based on the intention to explore and extract resources.

We are a Joint-Venture Partner in a Lunar Lander Company

Integral to any Lunar Location is the ability to land there. We are joint venture partners in a European Lunar Lander to make Registrations valid.

We are a Detailed Registry of Activity on the Moon...

Registration Type: Public / Non-Commercial

Actual Landers: Including the U.S., USSR / Russia, and now China.

Impact Zones: The Moon is home to many impact sites, from early missions to disused hardware and recent failures.

Heritage Zones: Currently includes the Apollo crewed landing sites, and will soon include locations of historical importance.

Registration Type: Public / Planned Lunar Activity

Planned Landers: We map the race to the Moon! Explore the latest missions to the Lunar surface.

Science Missions: Current registrations include a Far-Side Asteroid Observatory and Near-Side Earth Observatory.

Development Zones: Areas created to focus on establishing Resources, Infrastructure and Eneregy Registrations.

Registration Type: Commercial Registrations as a Service

Resources Registrations: For Space Resources (Mining) focussed companies and investors who wish to register their intention to explore and extract resources. This includes mining companies who wish to hedge, or lock-in a long-term Lunar resources.

Infrastructure Registrations: Existing space, upcoming NewSpace and CisLunar, and terrestrial infrastructure companies who want to register a location as a potential infrastructure operation. This includes supporting mining, habitats, communications, and much more.

Energy Registrations: From Nuclear energy sites to permanently sunlit areas ideal for Solar Panels, Energy Registrations are ideal for exsiting Energy companies and new Space Energy companies that need to find and secure a location for their Lunar-based energy producing and storing operations.

Our Mission: Lunar Registrations

Transparency of Lunar Missions and Operations: Who. Where. What. When.

The Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) is a transparent registry of Public and Commercial activity on the surface of the Moon. We gather data, update our registry and maps, and research strategic locations on the Moon.

To promote transparency we provide a free Lunar Public Registry.
For researchers, try our simple Lunar Activity map.

Exploration, Extraction and Utilisation of Resources and Eneregy on our Closest Planet.

LRR has developed a Registry process and a Legal Framework, to give the CisLunar and Space Resources industry a platform to plan and co-ordinate future surface operations.

We provide actionable data and insights to register resources and infrastructure locations that give certaintity to Lunar Resources Business Plans.

Provide Clear Legal and Technical Guidance for Space Resources

Mining the Moon is a politically sensitive topic in a time when the demand for environmentally sound solutions are at an all-time high. We provide a legal framework, technology road-map, and sound agreements for under-taking the required steps in off-world resources operations. A Registration with LRR is a service. It is not a right, nor an exclusive claim, to a resource, or a specific location.

For more detailed information, see our Service Agreement Overview.

For Space Agencies and Policy Makers

A handful of Space Agencies can claim to have extended their operations out to Lunar orbits and fewer have successfully landed on the Moon. This will all change in the coming decades as Earth's closest planet becomes a key location for exploration and resources extraction.
We maintain an active and transparent Registry of Lunar surface activity than can be accessed by Space Agencies, policy related organisations, and commercial entities.

Find out more about Public Registrations.

For CisLunar Companies

Are you planning a mission or operation to the Lunar surface?
Do you need a Registration, backed by analytical analysis, as part of building viable business model? Get in contact and we can Register your planned location, and provide the relevant analytical information to reinforce your operations.

Find out more about Public Registrations.

Terrestrial Mining, Energy and Infrastructure Companies

We are a Registry for Resources and Infrastructure locations that form the supply-chain to one day mine the moon; be it communication, exploration of resources, in situ resource utilisation, CisLunar transport, and even waste management.

Find out more about Commercial Registrations.



9th February 2021 - Lunar Resources Registry UG is participating in the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Hessen & Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, in 2021.

The ESA BIC in Hessen is managed by CESAH.

Strategic Partnership

21st May 2021 - Lunar Resources Registry UG has signed a partnership agreement with Lunar Station, a leading commercial provider of Lunar analytics.

LRR has a critical role in the future of our Moon by providing the best global orchestration of Lunar operations with its transparent registry platform, and we are thrilled to support them with our analytics ands visualizations - Blair DeWitt, CEO of Lunar Station

Events and Conferences

Planetary and Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium and Space Resources Roundtable Space Resources Roundtable

ESA Industry Space Day 2021 ESA space day

Space Resources Week
Space Resources Week

Press, Letters of Intent, Partnerships

Press Release 18th 2021: Lunar Resources Registry Has Landed
Press Releas

April 2021 - Letter of Intent Signed with:
Plus Ultra space

2020 - Partnership Agreement signed with:
Berlin Space Consortium