Lunar Resources Registry has developed an Open Lunar Registry and Commercial Resources Registrations.

News Flash! 8th May, 2023: We will be updating our Lunar Maps to register the ispace HAKUTO-R Mission 1 as an Impact Zone in Atlas Crater. We are waiting for an esimate of the longitude and latitude before proceeding.

Open Lunar Registry: We Register Who is on the Moon and Where

Our non-commercial service displays All Human Activity on the Moon, Planned Missions, Heritage Zones and Lunar Pits as potential habitats for crewed operations.

Explore the Moon online using your browser. Find out more.

Our Online Open Lunar Registry, displaying multiple layers of landing site data…

Download the A3 PDF displaying all known missions to the Moon…

View and sort lists of missions, both past and planned….

Commercial Resources Registrations: A Framework for Space Resources

In the last ten years various predictions have been made that Space will spawn the first Trillionaire. See quotes from Neil deGrasse Tyson (NBC), Ted Cruz (Politico) and Peter Diamandis (Daily Mail). Nations and Space Agencies that understand the commercial benefits have been making progress, including creating Space Mining Laws (see U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act), sample-return missions, and increased research.

For decades the value of space resources, from mining the Moon to asteroid mining, has been researched and estimated based on the value of resources delivered and sold in two markets; on Earth and in Space. NASA has emerged as an early buyer of resources from the Moon (Reuters).

At Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) we are building the business of Space Resources: Where exactly on the Moon are the resources of value, how does an entity secure the commercial rights to extracted resources, in order to build a business case and attract investors to conduct the required exploration and extraction operations. From this we have a built a commercially viable product: A Lunar Resources Registration. See Our Service.

Note: A Registration is NOT A CLAIM OR RIGHT TO OWNERSHIP of any part of the Moon.

LRR provides the building blocks for Commerical Resources Operations on the Lunar Surface within a 10 year timeframe. LRR has built a clear and transparent resources registration service and space legal framework that serves as a cornerstone for commercial exploration and extraction operations.

Selected clients can use our service to build realistic Space Resources businesses, missions, and operations.

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Explore Activity on the Moon via our Lunar Maps:

Lunar Resources Registry has developed a unique online spherical 3D map of the Moon to display our Public and Commerical Registry.

Others maps include a 2D Moon Map and a Lunar Public Registry PDF.

Our Maps display both the Public Registry and Commercial Registry.

If you would like a customised Map of the Moon, get in contact.

Explore our Registry by Type of Activity

Commercial Resources Registrations: Potential Resources Locations for Exploration and Extraction Missions.

Locations of interest…
Resources Registrations for Sale.
Reserved Resources Registrations…

Open Lunar Registry: All Human Activity on the Moon.

Lunar Lander, Rovers, and equipment…
Spacecraft Impact sites…
Planned Missions to the Moon…

We also provide registrations for Science (including exploration) and Heritage Zones…

Locations for Telescopes, Lunar Pits, and much more…
Early Missions of the Space Race and Apollo Crewed Landings…

Lunar Resources Registry Overview video (4 minutes 30 seconds)


January 2023: Lunar Resources Registry has released a list of Available Resources Registrations for Potential Clients.

December 2022: iSpace is on the way to the Moon with their HAKUTO-R M1 lunar lander – see Spacenews Article. They launched on 9th December 2022 and are expected to land in 5 months. We’re made a registration for them at Atlas Crater.

August 2022: Space Debris Graveyard added to Public Registry

Concepts for Lunar Operations, Start-ups and Scientists: Register with Us!

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Your input helps us build the lists of Lunar locations and missions to make Lunar resources exploration and extraction possible.

We are a Lunar Registry of Activity

Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) maintains an up-to-date registry and map for Space Agencies, Science Missions, policymakers, Non-Government Organisations and Commercial entities. LRR offers:

  • Online maps of activity; past, present, and future.
  • Public Registrations; Free for Space Agencies, Scientists, Start-ups, and Planned Missions.
  • Resources Registrations to support CisLunar industries; mining, energy, and infrastructure.
  • Commercial Registrations; Defining locations for operations for exploration and extraction (e.g. Moon Mining), ISRU, Energy (Solar and Nuclear), CisLunar Infrastructure operations.
  • Missions to Lunar Locations: Complimenting a Registration is an actual Mission to a Lunar Location, in 5-10 years.

Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) focus is registering Lunar Resources for Terrestrial industries; mining, energy, and infrastructure.

To undertake impactful operations on the surface of the Moon requires extensive research, partnerships and joint-ventures to assemble the required supply-chain, and certainty.

LRR provides a clear and transparent resources registration and space legal framework that serves as a cornerstone for commercial exploration and extraction operations.

LRR integrates internal and 3rd party Lunar resources and analytical research, to create resources and complimentary infrastructure operation locations, for mining, energy and infrastructure companies who want to establish a presence on the Moon.

LRR also maintains various online maps to promote specific locations for resources, including potential ISRU or infrastructure sites.

LRR has also created a Space Resources Legal Framework to lay the groundwork for commercial space mining operations.

Since 2 years of operation, including participating in an European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre, LRR has developed a customized suite of Lunar Resources Maps and identified a growing list of Development Zones (DZ) focused on the following resources: Iron, Silicates, Titanium, Thorium and Water.

Why a Registry for the Moon?

As the Space Race evolves into Space Industrialisation, the search for off-world resources goes straight to the Moon. But how will Lunar Mining function, when multiple nations, and soon companies, are conducting expensive and revolutionary missions? The Lunar Resources Registry is the answer.

Read our Registry Guide.

Why Resources on the Moon?

There’s two simple reasons to explore the Lunar surface for resources:
1. Water trapped in regolith can be used to produce propulsion, and support life, for CisLunar infrastructure and Deep Space Missions.

2. For millennia, we have mined the Earth, now we are developing the technology to mine the Moon: It can provide us with Rare Earth Elements, and Platinum Group Metals, without environmental consequences.

Our Mission: Order from Chaos, with Collaboration!

  • Space Agencies: Going to the Moon? Let us know! We’ll add you to our Public Registry.
  • Lunar NGO / policymakers: Get in contact, and we can co-ordinate our activities. Get on our Moon Map Public Registry.
  • Space Resources Prospectors: We can Register as a Service high-value locations.
  • Space Resources Exploration and Extraction: We can Register as a Service and help build Mission profiles and payloads to specific locations.
  • Legal Questions: We have developed a Space Resources Legal Framework. We know what is permissible, possible, and the direction of policy and legal issues.

Explore Selected Registrations: