In order to assist prospective clients to land at high value locations, Lunar Resources Registry has entered a joint ventures to develop the European Light Lunar Lander (ELLLa). The goal is to offer niche and affordable landers with a compact and diverse payloads, focussing on, for example:

  • ELLLa development and potential operations in 5-10 years (starting 2022)
  • Positioning: Lander’s signalling of its location to Lunar orbiters.
  • Regolith testing; on-site testing of regolith for resources

European Light Lunar Lander:

ELLLa is a joint venture between Berlin Space Consortium, Space Ventures Investors, and Lunar Resources Registry.
Their Joint Venture agreement is to design, manufacture, launch and operate European Light Lunar Landers (ELLLa).