Question: What’s the biggest obstacle to Space Resources?
Answer: Ownership.

So we’ve developed rules-based solutions

The Starting Point: Activities on the Moon (and anything in Space) are subject to various international agreements and policies. There can be no claim of ownership to territory. A Registration with Lunar Resources Registry is not a Right to Ownership.

Where We’re Going: Future operations for the exploration and extraction of Space Resources build its own commercial precedence.
Any realistic commercial business model built around space resources, be it actively mining the moon or supporting such operations, requires a legal basis that the resources extracted in space can be recognised on earth as an asset. Therefore, the Lunar Resources Registry team have worked extensively to research a realistic framework.

Space Resources Legal Framework

We have reviewed space laws and policies to develop a Lunar Resources Registry proprietary Space Resources Legal Framework.
This is a modular and scalable tool to enable the Registration of resources and commercial interests on the lunar surface, focusing on the exploration, eventual extraction, and commercial trading of resources, including resources for materials and energy, and locations of infrastructure and strategic importance. The Lunar Resources Registry is the principal registry for this purpose.

The Lunar Resources Registry Services Agreement

For Clients, LRR  has developed a Service Agreement which combined with the Space Resources Legal Framework, creates a contractual Commercial Registration, documenting the services provided by the Lunar Resources Registry to its Clients.

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