Services offered by Lunar Resources Registry

We, Lunar Resources Registry (LRR), are a Registry of Resources on the Moon.
Our goal is to provide a transparent marketplace for resources on the Moon, within the framework of Space Laws and Treaties.

Our service is a Registration, that enables clients to prove their intention to explore and extract Lunar Resources.
We maintain an online Public Registry that displays, to the best of our ability to display Lunar activity, including Previous (Landers, and Impacts), Actual (e.g. currently operational) and Planned Activity on the Moon, including Science, Development Zones, Logistics, Infrastructure, Energy Missions and Resources Missions.

We offer the following Commercials Resources Registrations as a Service:

Entry Level (minimum base price €2k, minimum 3 Years)

An Entry Level 3-Year Registration for Resources, Energy or Infrastructure – Your commercial intent for a Mission tied to a location and a resource and / or purpose is entered into our Commercial Registry.

Analytical Add-Ons

Enhance an Entry Level Registration. With Add-Ons you have access to detailed information that adds value to a Resources Registration; Terrain Analysis, Misson Planning (orbital and descent to the Moon’s surface modelling), Business Modelling and Space Resources Legal Frameworks.

Resources Exploration Mission (REM)

This includes all Add-ons and is set for 10, 20 or 30 Years, depending on Price.

Missions to the Moon

Lunar Resources Registry is developing networks to source Payload space, Missions and a proprietary Lander for Regolith Sampling – We will work towards actual missions to explore and extract resources.

Next Steps: Types of Clients and Pricing.