Client Types

LRR has built a Public Registry which includes Registrations for Actual Landers, Planned Missions, plus Commercial Registrations and Development Areas. Commercial Clients can register their intent to explore, extract and conduct an operation at a specific location.

Commercial Registrations include resources exploration and extraction, processing, and utilisation, infrastructure (energy, ports), and strategic purposes.

Private companies (Space focussed Mining, Energy and Infrastructure) need a 3rd party verifier of their resources and preferred operational locations.

LRR can locate and estimate resources potential, terrain, and assist in the Due Diligence process, therefore confirming business models, e.g. Viability of extracting resources such as Titanium or Hydrogen, and the technology required.

LRR can offer legal guidance and mediation as public and commercial claims intensify.

Advantages of a Lunar Resources Registration:

Clients and Services

A Lunar Resources Registration as a service follows current Space Treaties (e.g. UNOOSA, Outer Space Treaty; there can be no claim to ownership, and US. and Luxembourg Space Mining Laws; extracted resources can be commercially traded) and to date is an unregulated product. However, Clients are screened per standard AML and KYC European directives.

The service for Clients is to provide them with a commercial transaction as proof of their intent, for a nominated resource at a precise location, for a future exploration mission and extraction operation, that ties the Client to a location.

Lunar Resources Registry is the first company to provide a marketplace for “resources claims” that fit into current and future legal frameworks. The next space resources race will require certainty of inferred resources value and return on investment.

Client Proficiencies

Clients include groups that have one of the following proficiencies:

  1. Research Capability: Have a Lunar Geological, Mining, Energy, or Scientific background,
  2. Space Capabilities: Have a Mission capability to land on the Moon, or
  3. Commerical Viability: Are a Syndicate or Company that can over time acquire Research and Space Capabilities and develop their registrations over time.

Clients: Terrestrial and NewSpace

We welcome the following types of Clients to build Resources Registrations on our platform:

Terrestrial: Mining, Energy, Infrastructure

Clients: From the large blue-chip well-established resources companies to the junior explorers looking to diversify.

Objective: They are looking to space mining as a future exploration objective and long-term revenue source.

Advantages of a Registration:

The Moon’s resources are unencumbered by terrestrial environmental laws (within frameworks) and will be a competitive option if supply-chains are restricted and supplies are limited, forcing prices higher and higher to the point where mining the Moon becomes affordable.

LRR has begun by focussing on Platinum Group Metals and Rare Earth Elements, as a precursor to a wider range of resources.

Terrestrial Mining, Energy and Infrastructure companies can lock-in and hedge their commitment to Space Resources by way of a Lunar Resources Registration.

The registration of Infrastructure Operations includes supporting lunar surface operations (ports, communications) that extend to Cislunar.

Space Entrepreneurs, NewSpace Companies, CisLunar Logistics, Space Resources, In-situ Resources Utilization and Space Commodities companies

NewSpace has long focussed on ground-stations, LEO, GEO, now Orbital Servicing, yet true growth comes from Space Resources.

Clients: New and Existing Space Resources and Space Services focussed companies.

Objective: These companies are looking for locations for operations, such as Moon Bases, Moon Mining, Infrastructure, Ports / Landing Pads, and test sites. These companies need a registration for a location to prove to their customers and investors that they have definite goals and locations as part of their business model and future supply-chain.

Advantages of a Registration

Lunar Resources Registry focusses on identifying locations that can be registered for the following purposes:

  • Resources: From exploration to extraction, including ISRU from regolith and high-value locations (e.g. an inferred prevalence of platinum group metals) that has applications such as 3d-Printing on the Moon, or a high value on Earth (Rare Earth Elements)
  • Infrastructure: From resources processing refining locations to ascent and descent locations, and the sub-assets that make the operations possible.
  • Strategic: Vital locations that have an advantage for communication, e.g. Earth-Moon, or line-of-sight on the Lunar surface.
  • Duel-Use: Where Resources zones can be used to facilitate the processing of regolith, coupled with Energy (e.g. solar power / a sunlit area) to create a dual-use location. Example: Processing silicate and titanium to manufacture solar panels to create a self-sustaining energy generation Infrastructure Asset.

Syndicates: For Individuals and Companies

Are you a Syndicate, or want to be part of a Syndicate, to acquire a Lunar Resources Registration? If so, get in contact.

Clients: Individuals and Companies that follow AML and KYC standards.

Objectives: Individuals and Companies that are early stage that see the commercial potential of a Lunar Resources Registration can enter the market. Syndicates can be managed by our own company or preferred partner companies.

Advantages of a Registration

As part of a syndicate, the advantages are:

  • Being part of a motivated Syndicate with shared goals.
  • LRR proposes that Syndicates acquire multiple Registrations, therefore building a diversified portfolio.
  • As a Registration is a Service, you as a Client will receive regular updates on changes to a registrations’ status as more data builds a better profile of the resources available.

Create Your Portfolio of Lunar Resources Registrations

Lunar Resources Register UG offers a service to selected clients to build a portfolio of registered locations (for their intent to explore and extract resources), and of infrastructure locations, on the Lunar surface.
Registration conditions are straightforward and are compliant with Space Laws, e.g. UNOOSA.