CisLunar Logistics, Space Resources and Commodities companies

LRR has built a Public Registry which includes Registrations for Actual Landers, Planned Missions, Heritage Zones, plus Commercial Registrations and Development Areas.

Commercial Clients can Register their intent to explore, extract and conduct an operation at a specific location.

Commercial registrations include resources exploration and extraction, processing, and utilisation, infrastructure (energy, ports), and strategic purposes.

Private companies (Space focussed Mining, Energy and Infrastructure) need a 3rd party verifier of their resources and preferred operational locations.

LRR can locate and estimate resources potential, terrain, and in assist in the Due Diligence process, therefore confirming business models, e.g. Viability of extracting resources such as Titanium or Hydrogen, and the technology required.

LRR can offer legal guidance and mediation as public and commercial claims intensify.

ISRU / Mining Exploration and Extraction, Lunar Resources, CisLunar Services

Lunar Resources Registry commercial development focusses on identifying locations that can be registered for the following purposes:

  • Resources: From exploration to extraction, including ISRU from regolith and high-value locations (e.g. an inferred prevalence of platinum group metals)
  • Infrastructure: From resources processing and refining to ascent and descent locations, and the sub-assets that makes the operation possible.
  • Strategic: Vital locations that have an advantage for communication, e.g. Earth-Moon, or line-of-sight on the Lunar surface.
  • Duel-Use: Where Resources zones can be used to facilitate the processing of regolith, coupled with Energy (e.g. solar power / a sunlit area) to create a dual-use location. Example: Processing silicate and titanium to manufacture solar panels to create a self-sustaining energy generation Infrastructure Asset.

Create Your Portfolio of Lunar Resources Registrations

Lunar Resources Register UG offers a service to selected clients to build a portfolio of registered locations (for their intent to explore and extract resources), and of infrastructure locations, on the Lunar surface.
Registration conditions are straightforward and are compliant with Space Laws, e.g. UNOOSA.
The registration of Infrastructure Operations includes supporting lunar surface operations (ports, communications) that extend to Cislunar.