Explore the Moon using our Online Interactive Maps:

Free to Access. Most up to date!

Open Lunar Registry for Education: Designed as a highly visual and educational tool for students and universities to explore activity on the Moon. Includes 74 locations.

Includes all recent Missions to the surface of the Moon.

Free to Access.

Open Lunar Registry for Governance: A Lunar Governance platform that monitors all known human activity on the Moon, includes Actual Missions, Planned Landing Zones, Lunar Pits and more. Also includes respective safety-zones.

Requires User Registration. Contact Us.

Commercial Registrations and Planning: Shows potential Lunar Mines, Development Zones, Infrastructure bases, plus existing missions, planned missions, and heritage zones.

Now Available! The Lunar Resources Registry Educational Map

An educational and collectible map of the Moon displaying the locations of all known human activity and objects, spanning 64 years and 74 unique locations, including the latest missions in 2023: iSpace’s Hakuto-R from Japan, Luna 25 from Russia, and Chandrayaan-3 from India.

Details: €100, printed, numbered and signed, A1 size, thick paper, matt finish, delivered in a cylindrical tube.

Global Spaceports Map

Bonus Map! Space Ports (beta). Before going to the Moon, you have to start somewhere! We have launched an online spherical map of Spaceports. We will add more launch pads and new spaceports as we gather more informaiton. Visit Mapping Global Spaceports.