Pricing of Commercial Registraitons


Initial Consultation Fee

The Initial Consultation Fee can be deducted from any Registration Fees, and has two types;
Non-Commercial: €100
Commercial: €200

Registration Specification and Selection

Registrations Base Prices

Public Registry (Space Agency, Science, CisLunar Company): Free

Commercial Registrations

Entry Level 3 Years: €2k

Includes Business Modelling, Lunar Terrain Analysis, Mission Profiles (modelling Earth to Lunar Orbits, including Lunar Descent). For more detailed information, see the PDF below.

Resources Exploration Mission
  • Resources Exploration Mission 10 Year: €10k
  • Resources Exploration Mission 20 Year: €50k (includes Add-ons)
  • Resources Exploration Mission 30 Year: €100k (includes Add-ons)

Variables that affect pricing on an ongoing basis are factors such as:

  • Location Near or Far Side (Near-Side has easier communication)
  • Research: Is analytical research available for the location.
  • Grading: e.g. If the location is in Tier 1 or Tier 2 for its Resources Category.


The above categories are used to determine a fair Total Price for a Commercial Registration, payable to Lunar Resources Registry corporate bank account in Germany.

For more detailed information about Add-Ons and Variables, please peruse the PDF below.