Lunar Resources Registry has developed a process to find and extract resources on the Moon, including establishing a unique Commercial Registration for parties (e.g. mission planners, joint ventures, mining companies, syndicates).


Lunar Resources Registry’s (LRR) core business is discovering resources on the Moon for markets on the Moon, in Space and on Earth.

LRR is an early-stage Moon Mining company that currently uses remote sensing data and in-house research to identify high-value resources locations that can be explored for resources, which can be extracted commercially within 10-20 years.

The next 10 year activities include activate exploration; regolith sampling and extraction of resources to determine valuation of resources locations.

LRR has since 2020 established a registry of resources on the Moon, based on location and resources type.

From 2024 LRR is now planning low-cost missions to multiple Lunar resources locations

Principles of the Business Model

The LRR business model is based on the decreasing cost of launch to the Moon and space technology required for exploration, extraction and utilisation, and the increasing cost and scarcity of resources on Earth.

Resources Focus

LRR’s primary goal is to find resources locations of significant value to support exploration missions and extraction operations. Missions and Operations may be joint-venture operations.

Tier 1 Resources Locations are Rare Earth Elements and Platinum Group Metals.

Tier 2 are In-situ Resources Utilizazion (ISRU); where resources such as metals, oxygen can be sourced from regolith and used to support infrastructure on the Moon (e.g. planned bases and landing pads) and in CisLunar space (e.g. refuelling, propulsion)

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