We have two main categories:

Public Registrations

A Service for Space agencies, Science Missions, policymakers, Non-Government Organisations

Commercial Registrations

If you are a Space Agency or a CisLunar Logistics Mission Planner, register your planned Lunar location with us and avoid potentially hazardous conflicts. Planning on establishing an Operation on the Moon? Register with Us.

CisLunar Logistics, Space Resources and Commodities companies

Going to the Moon? Register with Us.

Want to know more about Registration Types – Read our Guide

Mission Planners – publish your Lunar Locations

If you are a Space Company, or an existing Mining, Energy or Infrastructure company, we can help you find the right Lunar location. Does your company want to partake in unlocking the resources potential of the Moon? Get in Contact.

If you are a Space Resources Entrepreneur, Engineer, or a Commodities Trader, use our Lunar Registrations as a Service to establish a commercial pathway to explore and extract resources from the surface of the Moon. We have developed our own Space Resources Legal Framework.

Space Laws and Policies can co-exist with emerging sovereign Space Mining Laws. We have developed a framework to create registrations based on the intention to explore and extract resources. We are a Joint-Venture Partner in a Lunar Lander Company

Integral to any Lunar Location is the ability to land there. We are joint venture partners in a European Lunar Lander to make Registrations valid.