Commercial Resources Registrations

Lunar Resources Registry has developed a process for registering resources on the Moon’s surface, including Iron, Titanium (high potential for Platinum Group Metals), and Water (which can fulfill a resources and energy purpose).

The process involves analysing data, identifying prominent anomalies and terrain, defining exact locations, and following a space law and policy internal Space Resources Legal Framework.

A Registration is an Asset, and not a Claim to Ownership

The Lunar Resources Registry service is selling to selected Clients a registration (in its transparent registry and made public on its platform) for a Resources, Energy and / or Infrastructure location on the Moon, within the existing space treaties (e.g. Outer Space Treaty) and policies.

A Registration as a Service

A Commercial Registration is a long-term service where the underlying asset is an agreement that the Client’s stated and commercial intention is to one day conduct an exploration mission and if possible, an exploration operation to commercially extract resources (e.g. Platinum Group Metals, Rare Earth Elements, Water / Oxygen).
A Commercial Registration is an implicit signal that a Client is planning to go to a distinct location for a commercial resources, energy or infrastructure operation.

A Registration is also tradeable, to selected Clients.

How A Registration Gains Value

Value can be added to a Registrations by enhancements such as improved analysis (as more data is sourced from the Moon) or detection and testing of resources on the Moon. Value is massively increased when Clients (alone, or with partners and in joint-ventures) send a Lander to a resource location to sample regolith and prove a resources deposit. To facilitate this, Lunar Resources Registry is also developing a low-cost Lunar lander.


The Pricing of Registrations has three levels – See Pricing:

  • Registration Base Price for Entry Level (3 Years) and Resources Exploration Missions (10, 20 and 30 Years)
  • Optional Add-Ons (e.g. analysis, mission planning)
  • Location specific (e.g. ease of access, resource grading)

How A Registration’s Value Change Over Time

Currently (2023) Lunar Exploration Missions are underway and in time their cost will decrease.
Currently the technology to extract resources from Lunar regolith is limited yet in 5-10 years this will change considerably.
As Exploration Missions become cheaper, Extraction Operations become affordable, and the value of specific resources (e.g. Platinum Group Metals, Rare Earth Elements) on Earth become more expensive, and the CisLunar market for resources (metals, water, oxygen) grows, a Lunar Resources Registration will grow in value.

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