Below: An early version of LRR’s first Map framed and mounted on a wall.

Below: The latest map of the Moon, Lunar Resources Registry Educational Map, including all missions up to 24th August 2023.

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Lunar Resources Registry Educational Map


  • Released October 27th, 2023
  • €100 plus postage costs. Fill in form below and we’ll get back to you.
  • Discounts apply for multiple orders.
  • Schools, Universities: Extra discounts apply for educational institutions.
  • The map is available in A1 size, printed on 170 GSM paper, with a matt finish.
  • It is delivered in a cylindrical tube.
  • The first edition print run is limited to 200, and all maps are individually numbered and signed.  

About the Lunar Resources Registry Educational Map

Lunar Resources Registry has published a collectible map of the Moon that shows the locations of all known human activity and objects on the surface of the Moon, spanning 64 years and 74 unique locations, including the latest missions in 2023:

  • iSpace’s Hakuto-R from Japan
  • Luna 25 from Russia, and
  • Chandrayaan-3 from India (which includes a rover)

Each location is numbered, and the map has a table showing basic information per numbered mission such as Mission Name, Type, Description, Entity, Country, and Date.

It is an educational map, ideal for supporters of Lunar and CisLunar exploration, space fans, students, and schools and universities who focus on space, law, science, and international politics.

The importance of the Lunar Resources Registry Educational Map

To date, there is no physical map that displays all known missions to the Moon. With the release of this map, you can own a piece of history, as the map is a document that displays the precise progress of the exploration of our closest planet, the Moon.

Features include:

  • Includes Every Moon Mission and the latest Landers and Rovers: Hakuto-R from Japan, Luna 25 from Russia, and Chandrayaan-3 from India.
  • Locations are labelled with a Number, which can be looked up in a Table.
  • The Table lists each Mission, Type, Description, Entity, Country and Date.
  • Inset showing South Pole Stereographic view: A view of the vast region to locate some of the latest missions in search of water on the Moon.
  • Inset showing the Visible Moon, e.g. when standing on the Northern Hemisphere, how the Moon looks to you.
  • Basemap: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University
  • South Pole: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Team

Coming Soon: Prospective Lunar Mines and Infrastructure Bases – Available October 2023

Have you followed the news about the development of bases on the Moon, the eventual rush to Moon Mining, and wondered exactly where these developments will take place? Lunar Resources Registry, using public and internal sources, has developed a unique map of the moon showing:

  • Prospective locations of mines, from titanium, to iron, and water and oxygen.
  • Infrastructure bases, like ports and communication locations.

To find out more, bookmark this page or fill in our form to keep in contact.

Why buy Maps of the Moon?

In the age of discovery maps of the explored and the yet to be explored where vital intelligence for planning expeditions into the unknown. There is a vibrant trade in antique maps, the older the dearer. Early astronomers made maps of the Moon based on their observations, there is also a niche market for antique Moon maps. Fast forward to the 21st century and most information is now digital, including maps. Artificial Intelligence is instructed to generate content nearly exponentially, yet history is rarely recorded, or safe, in a purely digital form. What is a better way to preserve history than to have on your wall at home, office or classroom, a unique map showing the exploration of the Moon?

How to Order

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Lunar Resources Registry Educational Map. Version: October 2023: €100 / US$100

Prospective Lunar Mines and Infrastructure Bases. Coming Soon. €150 / US$150

Delivery Costs: Europe +€10 to €25, Rest of World ~€50

A Message from the CEO of Lunar Resources Registry

“Before I co-founded Lunar Resources Registry (LRR), I was an avid collector of antique maps. I am a reader of history, particularly of the explorers who were first to map newly discovered regions.
In 2019 when we were developing a registry of resources on the Moon that may one day become the first mines on the Moon, we had to first map human activity on the Moon. Our intention was to add human activity to the Moon into our database in order to mark areas of non-interference, as per the Outer Space Treaty. As we were developing new unique maps of the Moon I realised we could create a modern historical map, up to date with the latest missions, showing where and when they landed. This map is a historical record of Lunar exploration.
It was certainly a surprise to my team and I that we were making current maps of the Moon, and knowing there are many collectors of Moon maps, and many of the impressive antique Moon maps have withstood the test of time, I decided that we had to make a map too, that was visually impressive, of high quality, and educational. We are here to inspire young and old to explore the space.
Our first editions are limited, and later versions will be more mass-market. We are open to suggestions and collaboration on creating unique maps of the Moon for your purposes, be it for a private collection, a school or university, or simply to impress friends and family.” Simon Drake, 30th September 2023.

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