Are you a CisLunar Start-up, Terrestrial Mining Company, or group of Lunar Scientists, with a Concept for Lunar Operations, including Resources Exploration, Extraction and Utilisation?
We can create your Lunar Commercial Registration and add it to our Registry.

Why Register with LRR?

Our goal is to be a transparent and authoritative registry for resources activity on the surface of the Moon. We believe in establishing a CisLunar economy, however CisLunar operations (e.g. logistics, Moon Mining) needs to be evaluated by Terrestrial Industries; they need more certainty before investing. Also the general public and other stakeholders need to see destinations and tangible objectives.
To provide certainty to business models, we offer a Lunar Commercial Registration that focusses on companies who want express interest in distinct locations and resources, including Science, Resources, Infrastructure, Energy, Heritage.

Registration Advantages

As space resources engineering concepts evolve, they have to one day be deployed and tested. We provide a location Registration for this purpose. We put you on the Map. For your Lunar Commercial Registration we provide:

  • A unique location on the Lunar Surface (within reason).
  • A documented registration from Lunar Resources Registry, including an overview from LRR’s Space Resources Legal Framework.
  • A promotional Features Image.
  • A unique URL for your Lunar Commercial Registration on one of LRR’s online Maps.

Not sure when to Land? LRR offers Location Assistance

All Mining and Energy operations start with a region and then after exploration, focus on precise locations. Infrastructure operations are based on proximity to their purpose. At a granular level, the Lunar terrain dictates the technology required. We’re here to help take your concept to the next level by Registering it, according to your requirements.
Get in contact and we can help.

LRR can assist in providing Lunar Mission Logistics: See Missions to the Moon.

Can a Commerical Registration Increase in Value?

Yes: As more data is available, including Regolith sampling, Commercial Registration gain in value.

Commercial Registrations are also tradeable, provided both parties have been vetted by LRR.

To get started, visit our Pricing page.


“Jansen A” in the northern part of Jansen Crater is a potential resources locations for Platinum Group Metals, based on a high Titanium profile.

View on our Map.

Below is a Lunar Resources Registry registratoin document: