Welcome to the Lunar Public Registry Online List of All Human Activity on the Moon.

The Moon is home to 70 impact sites (discarded boosters and ascent stages, plus failed missions), successfully landed landers, rovers, and even one operational rover on the far-side of the Moon: See if you can find it!

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LRR#Feature ImageTypeLocationMissionEntityDate yyyy-m-dMap LinkRegistration PDF
1Spacecraft ImpactLuna 2 Assumed impact siteLuna 2Roscosmos13/09/1959Moon Map LinkLuna 2 Assumed impact site PDF
2Spacecraft ImpactLuna 2 Vostok rocket 3rd StageLuna 2Roscosmos13/09/1959Moon Map LinkLuna 2 Vostok rocket 3rd Stage PDF
3Spacecraft ImpactRanger 4 Assumed impact siteRanger 4NASA26/04/1962Moon Map LinkRanger 4 Assumed impact site PDF
4Spacecraft ImpactRanger 6 Spacecraft impact siteRanger 6NASA02/02/1964Moon Map LinkRanger 6 Spacecraft impact site PDF
5Spacecraft ImpactRanger 7 Spacecraft impact siteRanger 7NASA31/07/1964Moon Map LinkRanger 7 Spacecraft impact site PDF
6Spacecraft ImpactRanger 8 Spacecraft impact siteRanger 8NASA20/02/1965Moon Map LinkRanger 8 Spacecraft impact site PDF
7Spacecraft ImpactRanger 9 Spacecraft impact siteRanger 9NASA24/03/1965Moon Map LinkRanger 9 Spacecraft impact site PDF
8Spacecraft ImpactLuna 5 Assumed impact siteLuna 5Roscosmos12/05/1965Moon Map LinkLuna 5 Assumed impact site PDF
9Spacecraft ImpactLuna 7 Assumed impact siteLuna 7Roscosmos07/10/1965Moon Map LinkLuna 7 Assumed impact site PDF
10Spacecraft ImpactLuna 8 Assumed impact siteLuna 8Roscosmos06/12/1965Moon Map LinkLuna 8 Assumed impact site PDF
11Spacecraft ImpactLuna 9 Assumed impact siteLuna 9Roscosmos03/02/1966Moon Map LinkLuna 9 Assumed impact site PDF
12Actual LanderSurveyor 1 LanderSurveyor 1NASA02/06/1966Moon Map LinkSurveyor 1 Lander PDF
13Spacecraft ImpactSurveyor 2 Assumed impact siteSurveyor 2NASA23/09/1966Moon Map LinkSurveyor 2 Assumed impact site PDF
14Spacecraft ImpactLunar Orbiter 1 Assumed impact siteLunar Orbiter 1NASA29/10/1966Moon Map LinkLunar Orbiter 1 Assumed impact site PDF
15Spacecraft ImpactLuna 13 Assumed impact siteLuna 13Roscosmos24/12/1966Moon Map LinkLuna 13 Assumed impact site PDF
16Actual LanderSurveyor 3 LanderSurveyor 3NASA20/04/1967Moon Map LinkSurveyor 3 Lander PDF
17Spacecraft ImpactSurveyor 4 Assumed impact siteSurveyor 4NASA17/07/1967Moon Map LinkSurveyor 4 Assumed impact site PDF
18Actual LanderSurveyor 5 LanderSurveyor 5NASA11/09/1967Moon Map LinkSurveyor 5 Lander PDF
19Spacecraft ImpactLunar Orbiter 3 Assumed impact siteLunar Orbiter 3NASA09/10/1967Moon Map LinkLunar Orbiter 3 Assumed impact site PDF
20Spacecraft ImpactLunar Orbiter 2 Assumed impact siteLunar Orbiter 2NASA11/10/1967Moon Map LinkLunar Orbiter 2 Assumed impact site PDF
21Actual LanderSurveyor 6 LanderSurveyor 6NASA17/11/1967Moon Map LinkSurveyor 6 Lander PDF
22Actual LanderSurveyor 7 LanderSurveyor 7NASA10/01/1968Moon Map LinkSurveyor 7 Lander PDF
23Spacecraft ImpactLunar Orbiter 5 Assumed impact siteLunar Orbiter 5NASA31/01/1968Moon Map LinkLunar Orbiter 5 Assumed impact site PDF
24Actual LanderApollo 11 Landing ModuleApollo 11NASA20/07/1969Moon Map LinkApollo 11 Landing Module PDF
25Spacecraft ImpactLuna 15 Assumed impact siteLuna 15Roscosmos21/07/1969Moon Map LinkLuna 15 Assumed impact site PDF
26Actual LanderApollo 12 Landing ModuleApollo 12NASA20/11/1969Moon Map LinkApollo 12 Landing Module PDF
27Spacecraft ImpactApollo 12 LM-6 Intrepid ascent stageApollo 12NASA24/11/1969Moon Map LinkApollo 12 LM-6 Intrepid ascent stage PDF
28Spacecraft ImpactApollo 13 Saturn V S-IVB impact siteApollo 13NASA15/04/1970Moon Map LinkApollo 13 Saturn V S-IVB impact site PDF
29Actual LanderLuna 16 LanderLuna 16Roscosmos20/09/1970Moon Map LinkLuna 16 Lander PDF
30Spacecraft ImpactLuna 16 descent stageLuna 16Roscosmos24/09/1970Moon Map LinkLuna 16 descent stage PDF
31Actual LanderLuna 17 LanderLuna 17Roscosmos17/11/1970Moon Map LinkLuna 17 Lander PDF
32Spacecraft ImpactApollo 14 Saturn V S-IVB impact siteApollo 14NASA04/02/1971Moon Map LinkApollo 14 Saturn V S-IVB impact site PDF
33Actual LanderApollo 14 RetroreflectorApollo 14NASA05/02/1971Moon Map LinkApollo 14 Retroreflector PDF
34Spacecraft ImpactApollo 14 LM-8 Antares ascent stageApollo 14NASA05/02/1971Moon Map LinkApollo 14 LM-8 Antares ascent stage PDF
35Spacecraft ImpactApollo 15 Saturn V S-IVB impact siteApollo 15NASA29/07/1971Moon Map LinkApollo 15 Saturn V S-IVB impact site PDF
36Actual LanderApollo 15 Landing ModuleApollo 15NASA30/07/1971Moon Map LinkApollo 15 Landing Module PDF
37Actual LanderApollo 15 Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV-001)Apollo 15NASA30/07/1971Moon Map LinkApollo 15 Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV-001) PDF
38Spacecraft ImpactApollo 15 LM-10 Falcon ascent stageApollo 15NASA30/07/1971Moon Map LinkApollo 15 LM-10 Falcon ascent stage PDF
39Spacecraft ImpactLuna 18 Assumed impact siteLuna 18Roscosmos11/09/1971Moon Map LinkLuna 18 Assumed impact site PDF
40Actual LanderLuna 20 LanderLuna 20Roscosmos21/02/1972Moon Map LinkLuna 20 Lander PDF
41Spacecraft ImpactApollo 16 Saturn V S-IVB impact siteApollo 16NASA19/04/1972Moon Map LinkApollo 16 Saturn V S-IVB impact site PDF
42Actual LanderApollo 16 ALSEP Central StationApollo 16NASA27/04/1972Moon Map LinkApollo 16 ALSEP Central Station PDF
43Spacecraft ImpactApollo 16 Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV-002)Apollo 16NASA27/04/1972Moon Map LinkApollo 16 Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV-002) PDF
44Spacecraft ImpactApollo 17 Saturn V S-IVB impact siteApollo 17NASA10/12/1972Moon Map LinkApollo 17 Saturn V S-IVB impact site PDF
45Spacecraft ImpactApollo 17 LM-12 Challenger ascent stageApollo 17NASA10/12/1972Moon Map LinkApollo 17 LM-12 Challenger ascent stage PDF
46Actual LanderApollo 17 Landing ModuleApollo 17NASA11/12/1972Moon Map LinkApollo 17 Landing Module PDF
47Actual LanderLuna 21 Retroreflector: Lunokhod 2 RoverLuna 21Roscosmos15/01/1973Moon Map LinkLuna 21 Retroreflector: Lunokhod 2 Rover PDF
48Actual LanderLuna 21 LanderLuna 21Roscosmos15/01/1973Moon Map LinkLuna 21 Lander PDF
49Actual LanderLuna 23 LanderLuna 23Roscosmos06/11/1974Moon Map LinkLuna 23 Lander PDF
50Actual LanderLuna 24 LanderLuna 24Roscosmos18/08/1976Moon Map LinkLuna 24 Lander PDF
51Spacecraft ImpactHiten Assumed impact siteHitenJAXA10/04/1993Moon Map LinkHiten Assumed impact site PDF
52Spacecraft ImpactLunar Prospector Assumed impact siteLunar ProspectorNASA31/07/1999Moon Map LinkLunar Prospector Assumed impact site PDF
53Spacecraft ImpactSmart-1 Impact SiteSmart-1ESA03/09/2006Moon Map LinkSmart-1 Impact Site PDF
54Spacecraft ImpactSELENE Rstar (Okina)SeleneJAXA12/02/2009Moon Map LinkSELENE Rstar (Okina) PDF
55Spacecraft ImpactChang'e 1Chang'e 1China01/03/2009Moon Map LinkChang'e 1 PDF
56Spacecraft ImpactSELENE (Kaguya) main orbiterSeleneJAXA10/06/2009Moon Map LinkSELENE (Kaguya) main orbiter PDF
57Spacecraft ImpactMoon Impact Probe (MIP) / Chandrayaan-1Chandrayaan-1ISRO28/09/2009Moon Map LinkMoon Impact Probe (MIP) / Chandrayaan-1 PDF
58Spacecraft ImpactLCROSS Shepherding SpacecraftLCROSSNASA09/10/2009Moon Map LinkLCROSS Shepherding Spacecraft PDF
59Spacecraft ImpactLCROSS CentaurLCROSSNASA09/10/2009Moon Map LinkLCROSS Centaur PDF
60Actual LanderChang'e 3 LanderChang'e 3China14/12/2013Moon Map LinkChang'e 3 Lander PDF
61Spacecraft ImpactGRAIL Spacecraft impact site1GRAILNASA17/12/2012Moon Map LinkGRAIL Spacecraft impact site1 PDF
62Spacecraft ImpactGRAIL Spacecraft impact site2GRAILNASA17/12/2013Moon Map LinkGRAIL Spacecraft impact site2 PDF
63Spacecraft ImpactLADEE Spacecraft impact siteLADEENASA18/04/2014Moon Map LinkLADEE Spacecraft impact site PDF
64Actual LanderChang'e 4 LanderChang'e 4China03/01/2019Moon Map LinkChang'e 4 Lander PDF
65Actual LanderChang'e 4 RoverChang'e 4China03/01/2019Moon Map LinkChang'e 4 Rover PDF
66Spacecraft ImpactBeresheet Impact siteBeresheetIsrael11/04/2019Moon Map LinkBeresheet Impact site PDF
67Spacecraft ImpactChandrayaan-2 Lander Impact SiteChandrayaan-2ISRO06/09/2019Moon Map LinkChandrayaan-2 Lander Impact Site PDF
68Spacecraft ImpactLongjiang-2 Spacecraft Impact SiteLongjiang-2China31/07/2019Moon Map LinkLongjiang-2 Spacecraft Impact Site PDF
69Actual LanderChang'e 5 China's first lunar sample-return missionChang'e 5China01/12/2020To be UpdatedDRAFT PDF: Chang'e 5 China's first lunar sample-return mission PDF
Spacecraft ImpactChang'e 5-T1 Booster Assumed Impact SiteChang'e 5China04/03/2022To be UpdatedDRAFT PDF: Chang'e 5-T1 Booster Assumed Impact Site PDF