SLIM Smart Lander for Investigating Moon Actual Landing

Below, the SLIM Rover and two Rovers, located on the Moon, visible via our Open Lunar Registry for Education online map.

An actual image of Japan’s SLIM lunar lander and the moon’s surface captured by SORA-Q. Source: | JAXA / Tomy / Sony / Doshisha University / VIA KYODO

The SLIM lander has arrived on the Moon, and before landing in an awkward position, it released two experimental rovers, LEV-1 the Hopper, and LEV-2 Sora-Q the spherical rover.

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) mission is a major milestone as its long awaited Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) landed on the Moon on January 19, 2024. Japan is now the fifth country to accomplish a soft lunar landing, proving the precision landing capabilities developed by JAXA, and the commercial need to investigate mining on the Moon. Its target is the Shioli carter.  

The SLIM mission, referred to as the “Moon Sniper” demonstrated a well executed accurate touchdown within 100 meters of its intended target on the Moon’s surface. This level of precision in lunar landing opens up new possibilities for future missions to explore specific areas of the moon, including for space resources and lunar mining. However, the actual SLIM lander, in colourful skate boarding terminology, conducted a faceplant landing; its nose is in the lunar regolith for eternity.

Before landing it did release two unique rovers, LEV-1 the Hopping Rover and LEV-2 the spherical Sora-Q Rover.

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