Lunar Resources Registry is evolving and is soon inviting new investors and funders. To find out more, please fill in the following form.

Please choose at what level you would like to invest:

Non-Equity: We are preparing to release a Non-Fungible Token or Crowd Funding Campaign (e.g. Kickstarter) to independently fund our Education and Lunar Governance Maps.

Series A Early Stage – 2024-2026: Funds are required to enhance and maintain current Lunar mapping for Education, Governance and Commercial (including our unique registry of resources; focusing on platinum group metals, critical minerals, water / ice), and together with joint-venture partners build a Laboratory Model of our European Light Lunar Lander.

Series B Middle Stage – 2027-2028: Funds are required to partner with firms conducting Lunar Exploration for resources, and further develop the European Light Lunar Lander into an Engineering Model. The goal is to establish where on the moon are high-value resources that can lead the way to Mining the Moon sustainably.

Series C Operational – 2029-2032: Funds are used to launch the first missions to the Moon to explore and extract regolith.

Please tick-a-box below to describe yourself based on these simple criteria:

Digital native.  I am totally up there with all the innovations. I see space as I do blockchain and AI. I want to be part of it.

Space Fan. I take the concept of Moon Mining seriously, and I am willing to invest what money I can into companies that have a realistic vision and execution strategy.

Long-Term. I’m looking to get in early on a long-term space industrial or commodities venture. I see the potential in exploring the Moon for resources and extracting them for commercial gain.

Veteran. This is not my first rodeo. I do invest in companies that have a valid potential and an addressable market.

I am None of These and never will be.