The following list of Planned Missions is based on publicly available information.
Information may not be reliable, particularly Launch Dates (which are usually shifted) and exact locations. The locations used in our Maps and Registrations are estimates.
If items on the list are incorrect, please contact us.

LRR#Feature ImageTypeLocationMissionEntityDate yyyy-m-dLRR Website LinkExternal WebsiteMap LinkRegistration PDF
100Planned LanderAssumed Location: Shackleton CraterESA Lunar Resources LanderESATo be confirmedESA Lunar Resources LanderAssumed Location: Shackleton CraterMoon Map LinkAssumed Location: Shackleton Crater PDF
101Planned LanderAssumed Location: Mare SerenitatisIntuitive Machines first lunar lander exp. 2022Intuitive Machines + NASA + SpaceX2023(?)Intuitive Machines first lunar lander exp. 2022Assumed Location: Mare SerenitatisMoon Map LinkAssumed Location: Mare Serenitatis PDF
102Planned LanderAssumed Location: Lacus MortisAstrobotic, Peregrine Mission 1, exp. Q1 2022Astrobotic2023(?)Astrobotic, Peregrine Mission 1, exp. Q1 2022Assumed Location: Lacus MortisMoon Map LinkAssumed Location: Lacus Mortis PDF
103Planned LanderAssumed Location: Boguslawsky CraterRussian Academy of Sciences - Luna 25Roscosmos2028Russian Academy of Sciences - Luna 25Assumed Location: Boguslawsky CraterMoon Map LinkAssumed Location: Boguslawsky Crater PDF
104Planned LanderShackleton Crater, AstroboticAstrobotic, Griffin lunar lander, NASA VIPER (2023)Astrobotic + NASA2023Astrobotic, Griffin lunar lander, NASA VIPER (2023)Shackleton Crater, AstroboticMoon Map LinkShackleton Crater, Astrobotic PDF
106Planned LanderAtlas Crater, iSpaceispace Mission 1 - HAKUTO-R (2022)ispace + SpaceX2023-03-15ispace Mission 1 - HAKUTO-R (2022)Atlas Crater, iSpaceMoon Map LinkAtlas Crater, iSpace PDF
107Planned LanderShackleton Crater, IM-2IM-2 (2022)SpaceX + Intuitive Machines + NASATo be confirmedIM-2 (2022)Shackleton Crater, IM-2Moon Map LinkShackleton Crater, IM-2 PDF
108Planned LanderShackleton Crater, Luna 29Luna 29 (2028)Roscosmos2028Luna 29 (2028)Shackleton Crater, Luna 29Moon Map LinkShackleton Crater, Luna 29 PDF
109Planned LanderSouth Pole Aitken basin, Luna 27Luna 27 (2025)Roscosmos + ESA2025Luna 27 (2025)South Pole Aitken basin, Luna 27Moon Map LinkSouth Pole Aitken basin, Luna 27 PDF
110Planned LanderShackleton Crater, Chandrayaan-3Chandrayaan-3 (2022)ISRO2023Chandrayaan-3 (2022)Shackleton Crater, Chandrayaan-3Moon Map LinkShackleton Crater, Chandrayaan-3 PDF
113Planned LanderShackleton Crater, LUPEXLUPEX – Lunar Polar Exploration Mission (2024)ISRO + JAXA2024LUPEX – Lunar Polar Exploration Mission (2024)Shackleton Crater, LUPEXMoon Map LinkShackleton Crater, LUPEX PDF
114Planned LanderMarius Hills 'Hole', SLIMSLIM - Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (2022)JAXA2023(?)SLIM - Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (2022)Marius Hills 'Hole', SLIMMoon Map LinkMarius Hills 'Hole', SLIM PDF
115Planned LanderSchroedinger Crater, HeraclesHERACLES Human Enhanced Robotic ArchiteCture for Lunar Exploration and Science (2027)ESA + JAXA + CSA2025(?)HERACLES Human Enhanced Robotic ArchiteCture for Lunar Exploration and Science (2027)Schroedinger Crater, HeraclesMoon Map LinkSchroedinger Crater, Heracles PDF
116Planned LanderShackleton Crater, Blue MoonBlue Moon Cargo (2024)Blue Moon + NASA2024Blue Moon Cargo (2024)Shackleton Crater, Blue MoonMoon Map LinkShackleton Crater, Blue Moon PDF
117Planned LanderShackleton Crater, Deep Space SystemsDeep Space Systems Lander (????)NASA + Deep Space SystemsTo be confirmedDeep Space Systems Lander (????)Shackleton Crater, Deep Space SystemsMoon Map LinkShackleton Crater, Deep Space Systems PDF
118Planned LanderMare Crisium, FireflyFireflay "Blue Ghost" (2024)NASA + Firefly Aerospace + SpaceXTo be confirmedFireflay "Blue Ghost" (2024)Mare Crisium, FireflyMoon Map LinkMare Crisium, Firefly PDF
119Planned LanderReiner Gamma, NASA CLPSNASA CLPS PRISM-1A (2023)NASA2023NASA CLPS PRISM-1A (2023)Reiner Gamma, NASA CLPSMoon Map LinkReiner Gamma, NASA CLPS PDF
141Planned LanderSchroedinger basin, NASA CLPSNASA CLPS PRISM-1B (2024)NASA2024NASA CLPS PRISM-1B (2024)Schroedinger basin, NASA CLPSMoon Map LinkSchroedinger basin, NASA CLPS PDF
142Planned LanderShackleton Crater, Intuitive MachinesIntuitive Machines first lunar lander exp. 2022Intuitive Machines + NASA2023(?)Intuitive Machines first lunar lander exp. 2022Shackleton Crater, Intuitive MachinesMoon Map LinkShackleton Crater, Intuitive Machines PDF
143Planned LanderVallis Schraeteri, Inuitive MachinesIntuitive Machines: Valley of the StormsIntuitive Machines + NASA2023(?)Intuitive Machines: Valley of the StormsVallis Schraeteri, Inuitive MachinesMoon Map LinkVallis Schraeteri, Inuitive Machines PDF
146Planned LanderChang'e 7 China's Mission to the South PoleChang'e 7 (2024)China2024Chang'e 7 China's Mission to the South PoleMoon Map LinkChang'e 7 China's Mission to the South Pole PDF