Lunar Resources Registry is developing the processes to Mine the Moon, including geological and terrain analysis, building technology partnerships, understanding the complex yet grey areas of space laws and treaties, and even developing Resources Registrations as a service so individuals and companies can start planning and building Moon Mining operations. Through our network we have identified numerous start-ups and engineers developing the technology to build out the supply chain to make it all possible.  

This is a long-term objective involving many steps; continual analysis and revision of potential exploration missions, sourcing engineers who are developing the hardware for extraction and refining of Lunar regolith, and eventually developing a business model for the sustainable trade of resources from the Moon.

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A lucky entrant will win a Lunar Resources Registry Educational Moon Map!

This collectible map shows the locations of all known human activity and objects on the surface of the Moon, spanning 64 years and 74 unique locations, including the latest missions in 2023. Of all participants who complete the form one will be chosen to receive one of our printed maps. We’ll cover postage costs. If we complete an updated version for 2024, we’ll send that instead!

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