Chang’e 6 Sample Return Mission to Apollo Crater

May 12th, 2024: A sample reutrn mission to verfiy resources on the Moon?

Intuitive Machines Nova-C Odysseus Landed (on it’s side) and is no longer Operational

February 27th, 2024: The Intuitive Machines Nova-C Mission may end earlier than expected due to an imperfect landing.

February 22nd, 2024: Intuitive Machines Nova-C “Odysseus” was the first privately developed spacecraft to land on the moon, and the first US spacecraft to do so in 52 years. It landed 1.5km from it’s target Malapert A in the South Pole region. It landed on it’s side.

SLIM Precision Lander Landed (on it’s nose) and is Operational (when the sun shines)

January 19th, 2024: The SLIM lander arrived on the Moon, and before touching down head first, it released two rovers; LEV-1 the Hopper, and LEV-2 Sora-Q. An impressive achievement for JAXA.

January 16th, 2024: Japan’s SLIM Lander to attempt a Moon Landing on Janaury 19th 2024. India Times: Japan to attempt first moon landing of 2024 on Friday

January 3rd 2024: Japan’s SLIM Precision Lander is on the way to Shioli Crater. Is this sign of a dedicated mission to investigate space resources on the Moon? Follow our Lunar Registration for SLIM.

Astrobotic’s Perigine lander – FAIL

Astrobotic’s Perigine lander was planned to land at the The Gruithuisen Domes.

Firefly Blue Ghost – Launch in H1 2025?

Firefly Blue Ghost Mission set for late 2024. Better late than never! Destination is Mons Latreille within Mare Crisium.

Lunar Resources Registry has a NFT Virtual Payload on the Firefly Mission.