Intuitive Machines Nova-C Odysseus Lander

Intuitive Machines Nova-C Odysseus landed on the moon Feb. 22, and is the first privately developed spacecraft to touch down on the moon, and the first US spacecraft to do so in 52 years.

The Nova-C lander, named Odysseus, landed 1.5km from the planned target crater Malapert A in the south polar region.

After an imperfect landing, it took 15 minutes for controllers to confirm they were receiving a signal. Initial signals were weak.

Nova-C carries payloads from NASA (as part of the CLIPs program) and private companies.

It has landed on it’s side, and is partially operational, and the mission may be cut significantly short. .

Below is the location of Nova-C shown on our Open Lunar Registry:

Nova-C. Source: Intuitive Machines

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