Space resources is a new and expanding field of research. There are two fields of research that are both complimentary and undergoing significant evolution: The Engineering of Space Resources and the Economics to make it happen.

Engineering of Space Resources

The vibrant nascent industry of space resources includes start-ups and even aerospace companies, developing the means to extract value. At Lunar Resources Registry, we follow the developments of Lunar focussed activity, including:

  • Extracting oxygen and metals from Lunar regolith.
  • The proliferation of Lunar missions – See our Planned category of Registrations.
  • The locations of interest that will become the first Moon Mining Bases.

Economics of Space Resources SURVEYS.

To foster price-discovery of Space Resources, Lunar Resources Registry is working with Space Ventures Investors to promote two surveys:

CisLunar Supply and Demand Price Discovery

Lunar Resources as Greenfield Exploration Opportunities