If you are a space agency, academic or scientific institution, a mining or energy company developer of infrastructure assets, and you want to know about establishing a presence on the moon the Lunar Commercial Map is your starting point
Yearly subscription you get access to all recorded actual missions, impact sites (for missions that did not go to plan), planned missions, and our data set of potential locations for resources and infrastructure operations.
Access to the commercial map is not for the general public. We aim to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information to allow new Cislunar companies a platform to research, evaluate, and plan practical missions and operations.

Introductory pricing

Our introduction pricing for 2022 is €1,000 per annum. This includes one licence, where a user can be an individual or an organisation.
We aim to increase our user base and implement features and tools to cater to our customers, including Custom Maps.

BETA Access

For BETA Access, get in contact.

What is included in the Commercial Map?

LRR will include in-house research, plus that of third parties, that fits within our framework as a Lunar Resources Registry.

LRR In-house research includes:

  • Extra layers of data not required in our standard Registry Public Map.
  • An overview of Development Zones based on potential resources type, energy, or strategic locations.
  • Example of Machine Learning for finding high value metals locations.
  • Planned Missions of interested
  • Partner Zones in development, to aid in promoting zones to more potential partners, joint-ventures and syndicates.
  • Third parties, may submit public and commercial information.

For advanced location terrain analysis, we recommend consulting our partner Lunar Station.