We Plan and Build Lunar Exploration Missions…

Resources Registration

We start with a Lunar Resources Registration to establish a target area, an objective, and a Mission profile, like sampling regolith for resources or establishing a Moon Base.

We have created a proprietary list of 50 locations on the Moon to explore for resources.

View our range of Available Resources Locations and Development Zones. These are potential locations for planned missions before 2030.

Terrain Analysis

Site selection is refined thanks to internal and 3rd party Lunar Terrain analysis, including resources potential, suitability for Rovers, proximity to hazards, and much more.

The suitabitiy of Landers and Rovers for Terrain is a key factor in determing suppliers.

Mission Planning

Our Mission Planning calculates the required Launch Vehichle, Orbital Transfer, CisLunar Logistics, and Orbital Descent required to reach a precise location, based on the Lander or Rover required for the exact Terrain.

Lander Development

The Resources Registration, Terrain Anaylsis, and Mission Planning feed back into the Lunar Lander Development to make sure it meets objectives.

The goal of Lunar Exploration Mission is resources sampling; this then determines where future Mines on the Moon will be located.

Explore the Moon with our Online Lunar Maps…

We’ve created Categories and Safety Zones are existing human-made activity like Impact Zones, Landers, and Rovers.

We’ve also added Planned Missions, Heritage Zones, Science locatins of interest (like Lunar Pits) and potential Resources locations.

Choose between our 3D Spherical Moon or 2D Maps. Alternatively, we offer PDF Maps.