The Lunar Resources Public Registry is maintained by Lunar Resources Registry UG (LRR). For more information about LRR, visit our main website.

This is a free service to highlight existing locations, planned locations, and commercial registrations

Create New Registrations: 

If you would like to Create a New Registration, please contact us.

Extensive analytical processing highlights precise locations, which can be purchased as Registrations.

A Registration is not a right to ownership of the Lunar surface, it is a service agreement with LRR that the client has exclusive use of the exact area to conduct exploration and extraction.

As the CisLunar ecosystem grows, there will be a demand for iron to build both Lunar and in-space infrastructure.

LRR can also assist in identifying appropriate Lunar resources technologies (e.g. In situ resources utilisation) and infrastructure providers.

Registrations are tradeable, and prospective Clients must have a corporate office and their business models (in the long-term) compatible with making fair-use of purchased Registrations.