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OPEN: Free Open Access- Start Exploring 12 locations!

The following 12 Registration can be viewed without a login:

Actual Landers and Impact sites (10):
Surveyor 1 Lander 1966, Apollo 11 Landing Module 1969, Luna 20 Lander and Sample Return 1972, Luna 21 Lunokhod 2 Rover, Apollo 17 Landing Module, ESA Smart-1 Impact Site, Chang’e 4 Lander, Chang’e 5 Sample Return, Chandrayaan-2 Lander Impact Site 2019, and the Beresheet Impact site.

Planned Missions (3):
ESA Lunar Resources Lander
NASA CLPS PRISM-1A (2023) to Reiner Gamma
NASA CLPS PRISM-1B (2024) to Schroedinger Basin

Registrations for Conceptual Science Missions and Operations (2):
Science: The EarFar-Side Asteroid Observatory – Ideal also for a radio telescope.
Science: BullseyeNear-Side Earth Observatory – Ideal for direct line of sight with Earth.

PUBLIC: Free Access with a Login

Make a free login to access the following:
Planned Missions: 10
Actual Landers and Impact sites: All 72
Heritage Sites: 6
Science: 2

COMMERCIAL: For Clients of Lunar Resources Registry

Commercial access is for all Public Access locations, all the latest Planned Missions, Science Zones, and Development Zones.

Development Zones are created to focus on establishing Resources, Infrastructure and Energy Registrations.

Why Development Zones?
The Lunar surface is rich in natural resources, and some locations have a significant infrastructure potential, e.g. for launch pads / ports and communication. We create registrations for commercial entities so that they can formally take part in commercialising the Moon, within existing and new legal frameworks. To date we have created three kinds of Registrations within Development Zones.

Resources (Mining, Energy): Space Resources focussed companies and investors who wish to register a right to explore and extract. This includes mining companies who wish to hedge, or lock-in a long-term Lunar resources rights to explore and extract.

Energy, ISRU: Energy focussed Registrations, including Solar Power locations, Nuclear sites, and resources used for Energy, e.g. Thorium and Helium 3.

Infrastructure: Existing space, upcoming NewSpace and CisLunar, and terrestrial infrastructure and energy companies who wish to register a location as a potential infrastructure supporting operation. These also include logistics, robotic and human presence on the Moon.