About the Lunar Resources Registry

We are a registry of activity on the Moon, from actual landers to planned missions and potential resources locations.

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There are two types of Users:

Public Users – Free – Available Now

Public Users have access to Actual Landers, Heritage Sites, Impact Zones, and preview selected locations for Planned Missions, Science, Development Zones, Resources and Infrastructure Registrations. This is ideal for students, scientists, and general space enthusiasts.

To get access, clear here to register.

Commercial Users – Yearly Fee – Available December 2021

Access to all categories: Actual Landers, Heritage Sites, Impact Zones, Planned Missions, Science Zones, Development Zones, Registrations for Resources, Infrastructure and Energy.
This ideal for CisLunar focussed-companies, space academics, and companies researching Space Resources and planning actual operations.

To create an account, contact LRR via this form or email as at:

We prefer to know who is accessing our data and how we can help them.

Commerical Registrations

We offer Lunar Registrations as a Service, that follow a strict Space Resources Legal Framework, e.g. following the Outer Space Treaty and Artemis Accords.

Our Business: Lunar Insights

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