“New Pilbara South” Development Site: Iron Resources and Infrastructure

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Lunar Station Intelligence

This is Partnership Registration from Lunar Resources Registry and Lunar Station.

Region: Mare Serenitatis. Currnt LRR development zones include New Pilbara North, New Pilbara South and New Silicon Valley.

The New Pilbara South region is one of seven regions on the Lunar surface rich in iron ore.
Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) and Lunar Station Corporation are creating multiple Resources Registrations in New Pilbara South that focus on Iron deposits in the Lunar Sea, and Infrastructure Registrations to compliment exteraction operations.
Iron Registrations are being established.
Current registrations include:
1 x Port: Port New Pilbara South Launch Pad. Ideal flat location for vertical landing and ascent, with conisderable distance from proposed Iron Resources Registrations.

A multi-page analytical report is available for this Development Zone. To find out more, contact us. Below is a simplified Public version.

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