New Silicon Valley – Silicate and Titanium to manufacture Solar Panels to create Energy.

Lunar Resources Registry and Lunar Station Partnership Registration for Iron exploration and extraction via ISRU.
Energy Infrastructure location.

Iron resources 3d printing moon surface

Overview: This zone is best suited to extract silicate and titanium, and manufacture them into Solar Panels, which can create, deliver and even beam energy during the Lunar day.
Target Customers: Ideal for Energy, Space Resources, Aerospace and Infrastructure Companies that wish to establish a commercial interest in a Lunar Energy base.


The New Silicon Valley region is one of several regions on the Lunar surface rich in both titanium and silicate. It is also close to the Heritage listed Apollo 17 Lander.
Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) and Lunar Station Corporation are creating multiple Registrations in New Silicon Valley that focus on silicate and titanium deposits, plus potential landing zones.
Extensive analytical processing highlights precise locations, which can be purchased as Registrations.
A Registration is not a right to ownership of the Lunar surface, it is a service agreement with LRR that the client has exclusive use of the exact area to conduct exploration, extraction and establish a manufacturing base with energy production.
As the CisLunar ecosystem grows, there will be a demand for silicate and titanium as materials, solar panels as parts, and energy to support both Lunar and in-space infrastructure.
LRR can also assist in identifying appropriate Lunar resources technologies (e.g. In situ resources utilisation) and infrastructure providers.
Registration are tradeable, and prospective Clients must have a corporate office and their business models (in the long-term) compatible with making fair-use of purchased Registrations.

LRR and LSC have highlighted the following Resources Registrations:

New Silicon Valley NORTH and SOUTH.

A multi-page analytical report is available for this Development Zone. To find out more, contact us. Below is a simplified Public version.

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