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The Lunar Resources Registry's (LRR) will provide actionable data, insight and records about the available resources on the moon. The data provided by the Lunar Resources Registry in terms of the size, grade, volume, and location of any given resource will give a better understanding to support investment decisions in exploration and possible extraction missions of lunar resources. To facilitate this we have developed our own Registry Platform as well as the necessary Legal and Policy Framework.

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Zones for Resources on the Moon

Lunar Resources Registry: From Vision to Reality

Among the currently known and identified Lunar Resources are: Titanium, Iron, Silicon, Aluminium, Water, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Helium-3. Their specific locations range from easy-to-access, to difficult-to-access but valuable; or shadowed craters that may have deposits of water.

Both national Space Agencies and private enterprise gather and require increasingly precise data about the surface of the Moon. As of now, Space Resources entrepreneurs have mostly vague business propositions regarding commercialising the Moon and its resources. However, there is significant public interest and investors too, are interested in discovering and conducting real operations. As a result the LRR sees the resources on the Lunar Surface as the next logical development in the evolution of Space Commerce as terrestrial mining companies are increasingly under strain on earth to avoid environmental damage, and are also facing technical extremes in many of their activities that make their existing business models less attractive.

Major economic powerhouses (US, Europe, China, Russia, Japan, India) have all conducted Lunar operations of one kind or another. However, space resources programs require a realistic political destination backed up by commercial objectives, as these are big budget and high-profile missions. Their various orbiters and landers therefor represent a trend that is unmistakable, and its first priority will be to establish sufficient technical prowess to not only reach the lunar surface, but also finding ways to implement projects that will provide the commercial viability of such missions and activities.

The objective of this trend, from a resources point of view, will be to identify locations of sufficient value on the Lunar surface, but these locations may also be ideal points for Earth-Moon-Earth communication, generating energy supply, or providing access to permanently shadowed areas that may have the building blocks of water. Without a doubt this trend will see increased Lunar activity, leading to inevitable sovereign and commercial claims in the future and for this purpose the Lunar Resources Registry provides the ideal process to ensure that the resources are registered, commercially secured and documented within the scope of the existing international legal framework.

Lunar Resources Registry Platform

The LRR has been developed using publicly available Lunar surface data and proprietary locations; the end result is a platform that can be used to register intent and acknowledge the previous detection of targeted resources.

Lunar Resources Legal and Policy Framework on the Moon

Lunar Resources Registry Legal and Policy Framework

Activities on the Moon are subject to various layers of international agreements and policies, the LRR Legal and Policy Framework is designed to assist LRR clients in navigating them whilst also documenting their commercial interests on the lunar surface for the exploration and extraction of its resources in the Lunar Resources Registry which will become the principal registry for this purpose.

Lunar Resources Legal and Policy Framework on the Moon

About the Lunar Resources Registry

The Team

The Team
Founder: Simon Drake

Team Members:
Kevin Mac Gowan
Thomas Lazaridis

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The Lunar Resources Registry is currently operated by Simon Drake.

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The Lunar Resources Registry is currently in formation in Germany.


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