Welcome to the Lunar Resources Registry

The Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) enables commercial and non-commercial organisations to acquire rights to explore and extract resources.
The LRR provides actionable data, insight and records about the available resources on the moon. These insights in terms of the size, grade, volume, and location of any given resource will give a better understanding to support investment decisions in exploration and possible extraction missions of lunar resources.
The LRR has developed a Registry Platform, as well as the necessary Legal and Policy Frameworks, to give a Space Resources company a base from which to grow.

Coming Soon: A Public Lunar Registration Map

Current development is focussed on:

Public Registrations

For Space agencies, Policy makers, Non-Government Organisations

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Commercial Registrations

ISRU / Mining Exploration and Extraction, Lunar Resources, CisLunar Services

Expression of Interest for Lunar Resources

Space Agencies, Non-Profits

‣ LRR will register Space Agencies existing and prospective landing zones, as non-commercial / restricted areas.
‣ LRR will register Heritage locations as off-limits, due to their cultural significance.
‣ Agencies and Public Organisations can easily lodge a registation.

Visit our Public Registrations section.

Space Resources and Commodities companies

‣ Private companies (Space focussed Mining, Energy and Infrastructure) need a 3rd party verifier of their resources and locations claims.
‣ LRR can locate and estimate resources potential (size, grade, location), assist in the Due Diligence process, therefore confirming business models, e.g. Viability of extracting Hydrogen and the technology required.
‣ LRR can offer legal guidance and mediation as public and commercial claims intensify.

Visit our Commerical Registrations section, inlcuding express your interest in creating a Portfolio of Lunar Resources locations.


Events and Conferences

Planetary and Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium and Space Resources Roundtable Space Resources Roundtable

ESA Industry Space Day ESA space day

Space Resources Week
Space Resources Week

Press, Letters of Intent, Partnerships

Press Release 18th 2021: Lunar Resources Registry Has Landed
Press Releas

April 2021 - Letter of Intent Signed with:
Plus Ultra space

2020 - Partnership Agreement signed with:
Berlin Space Consortium


9th February 2021 - Lunar Resources Registry UG is part of the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Hessen & Baden-Wuerttemberg, Gremany, in 2021.
The ESA BIC in Darmstadt is managed by CESAH.

The Growing Momentum for Registrations

NASA Picks SpaceX to Land Next Americans on Moon
April 2021 - NASA has selected SpaceX to develop and demonstrate a long-awaited crewed lunar lander, yet is open for companies others to compete for future missions, like Blue Origin and Dynetics.
The NASA contract to SpaceX is for Option A of the Human Landing System program. This includes development of a crewed lunar lander and a demonstration mission, and is valued at $2.89 billion. SpaceX proposes using its Starship vehicle, launched on a Super Heavy booster, and refueled in low Earth orbit before going to the moon.
How and why this adds momentum to registering locations on the Moon is that SpaceX, and other space transport companies, now have the greenlight to conduct CISLunar missions (logistics to the Moon and back to Earth), and because of their emphasis on decreased launch costs and re-usability, Lunar entrepreneurs, including those who want to mine the Moon for resources and establish infrastructure locations, can now factor in SpaceX as a potential CISLunar transport service.

Artemis Accords Registeirng Zones for Resources on the Moon

Illustration of SpaceX Starship human lander design that will carry the first NASA astronauts to the surface of the Moon under the Artemis program.
Credits: SpaceX

The Artemeis Accords - Registration of Space Objects
Registration is at the very core of creating a safe and sustainable environment in space to conduct public and private activities. Without proper registration, coordination to avoid harmful interference cannot take place.
The Artemis Accords reinforces the critical nature of registration and urges any partner which is not already a member of the Registration Convention to join as soon as possible.

Artemis Accords Registeirng Zones for Resources on the Moon

ESA - In-Situ Resource Utilisation
Local resources produced on the Moon and Mars can be used for life support and power systems, propellant production, or building habitats. The extraction and processing of local resources into useful products and services on another celestial body is often referred to as In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU).
ESA is working to understand the opportunities ISRU can offer to future exploration and to prepare through research, technology and missions.
If you have an academic or commercial interest in the Lunar Resources Registry and would like to add a location of interest, please get in contact..

In-Situ Resource Utilisation Demonstration Mission

ESA ISRU on of  Resources on the Moon

Visit ESA ISRU Mission.
Credit: ESA, K. Oldenburg