Welcome to the Lunar Resources Registry

The Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) enables commercial and non-commercial organisations to acquire rights to explore and extract resources.
The LRR has been accepted into a European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre in 2021 (pending final contract signing). If you have an academic or commercial interest in the Lunar Resources Registry and would like to add a location of interest, please get in contact.
The Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) provides actionable data, insight and records about the available resources on the moon. The data provided by the LRR in terms of the size, grade, volume, and location of any given resource will give a better understanding to support investment decisions in exploration and possible extraction missions of lunar resources.
To facilitate this we have developed our own Registry Platform as well as the necessary Legal and Policy Framework.
If you are a Selenologist and would like to work with the Lunar Resources Registry, then join us.

Zones for Resources on the Moon

Our Services

Public: Space Agencies

‣ LRR will register Space Agencies existing and prospective landing zones, as non-commercial / restricted areas.
‣ Agencies and private companies need a 3rd party verifier of Lunar resources claims.

Visit our Public Registrations section.

Commericial: Space Resources focussed companies

‣ Private companies (Space focussed Mining, Energy and Infrastructure) need a 3rd party verifier of their resources and locations claims.
‣ LRR can locate and estimate resources potential (size, grade, location), assist in the Due Diligence process, therefore confirming business models, e.g. Viability of extracting Hydrogen and the technology required.
‣ LRR can offer legal guidance and mediation as public and commercial claims intensify.

Visit our Commerical Registrations section.

The Growing Momentum for Registrations

The Artemeis Accords - Registration of Space Objects
Registration is at the very core of creating a safe and sustainable environment in space to conduct public and private activities. Without proper registration, coordination to avoid harmful interference cannot take place.
The Artemis Accords reinforces the critical nature of registration and urges any partner which isn’t already a member of the Registration Convention to join as soon as possible.

Artemis Accords Registeirng Zones for Resources on the Moon

ESA - In-Situ Resource Utilisation
Local resources produced on the Moon and Mars can be used for life support and power systems, propellant production, or building habitats. The extraction and processing of local resources into useful products and services on another celestial body is often referred to as In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU).
ESA is working to understand the opportunities ISRU can offer to future exploration and to prepare through research, technology and missions.

In-Situ Resource Utilisation Demonstration Mission

ESA ISRU on of  Resources on the Moon
Visit ESA ISRU Mission.
Credit: ESA, K. Oldenburg


June 2020 - Lunar Resources Registry selected for a ESA Business Incubation Centre in 2021

The Lunar Resources Registry has been selected to become part of the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre in Hessen, Gremany, in 2021 (pending contract signature). The ESA BIC in Darmstadt is manage by CESAH.

16-17 September 2020 - The LRR will be attending the virtual ESA Industry Space Day